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Craftsmanship is the hallmark of any product - especially one made of wood and certainly one made by hand.  While we may defer to machinery when it can do a better job (sanding broad surfaces or cutting out complex shapes), ultimately the joinery, the fit, and the finish are controlled by the craftsman.
Why Choose Raging River?
  1. We "invented" the category of Waterproof Wood Countertops.
  2. We have 20 years of experience building wood countertops
  3. Come to our factory and choose your own boards.
  4. We do Custom Details routinely: Custom Colors, Custom Edges,
      Custom Cutouts, Wood-Stone Integration, etc.
  5. We are a trend-setter for new countertop products:   
      Integrated Wood Sinks, Corduroyed Walnut, Driftwood Finishes.
  6. We are centrally located to Boston, New York, Providence, 
      Hartford, and Springfield.
Whether it's a bench-built perimeter counter hand-scribed to your template, or
an island counter machined to exact dimensions on our computer-controlled
work center, one craftsmen is responsible for your order, ensuring product
quality, integrity, and consistency. Only after a rigorous inspection to guarantee that no details were missed, does your countertop move into the finishing room.
After finishing, the counter is allowed to 'rest' for 24 hours while the finish cures. 
Following a final checklist, the counter is ready to ship.
RRC countertop
construction is unique.
We have developed and refined our construction technique over the past twenty years by creating an engineered product that has the appearance of fine furniture, can be installed in a 'wet' environment (ie; kitchen, bath) and performs in a very positive and predictable manner.
1. We conserve wood with our 'shell' construction by utlizing 4/4 or nominal
    1-inch-thick lumber. This random-width lumber is edge-glued into an oversized
    blank that will form the deck (or top) of the countertop.The overage on each
    end is cut, folded under, and glued to the top layer to create a decorative,
    'book-matched' pattern on the endgrain where exposed. Finished edges are
    built up as noted, while the center of the underside gets a full plywood subtop
    that adds support and facilitates installation.
2. We minimize the internal stresses of the wood by providing the plywood 
    subtop as the place to attach cabinets to the countertop, allowing the solid 
    wood countertop shell to 'move' with seasonal changes without the risk of 
    splitting or cracking.
3. Installation is simple, fool-proof and fast.
4. We stand behind our work. If any problems occur due to defects in material
    or workmanship, RRC will work with you to affect a mutually agreeable solution.

"Every top is custom built to your specifications. After lumber selection,
a single craftsman is assigned to see
your countertop through fabrication - 
start to finish"
Gordon Kyle

CRAFTSMANSHIP: beautiful wood
becomes a beautiful countertop.

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