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American Black Walnut's deep rich color and pleasing grain have made it a favorite domestic hardwood since colonial times.  Walnut has been our most popular wood species for countertops for the past ten years as part of a broader trend to darker woods
in kitchen / interior design. 
Why Choose Raging River?
  1. We "invented" the category of Waterproof Wood Countertops.
  2. We have 20 years of experience building wood countertops
  3. Come to our factory and choose your own boards.
  4. We do Custom Details routinely: Custom Colors, Custom Edges,
      Custom Cutouts, Wood-Stone Integration, etc.
  5. We are a trend-setter for new countertop products:   
      Integrated Wood Sinks, Corduroyed Walnut, Driftwood Finishes.
  6. We are centrally located to Boston, New York, Providence, 
      Hartford, and Springfield.
Besides being the most popular wood species for kitchens over the past 10 years, American Black Walnut is an especially "knotty" species - to the extent that the grading standards for walnut are actually lower than on other woods.
This means that to get a "clear" walnut countertop (without knots any larger than 1/4" in diameter) we need to discard many knotty boards that might otherwise be used.
These "knotty" boards have character and a subtle beauty all of their own and can create a very handsome countertop.  The knots are tight and filled and create a darker area of visual interest.  Knotty Walnut countertops are priced lower than clear walnut and have become very popular with our customers.
A further enhancement to the knotty walnut countertop is what we call the Barn Board effect.  In this process we hand-plane the surface, add random distressing, and
finally a black
stain thathighlights
all the character
We can personalize
your rustic, Barn
Board countertop
with a hand-carved,
of your choosing.
Knotty Walnut 
Barn Board 
C  U  S  T  O  M    D  E  T  A  I  L  S
wood stone countertop walnut countertop walnut countertop, distressed countertop
Breadboard ends / Butternut field with Black Walnut edge.
Wood to stone -matched joint & edge.
Hand-carved senti-ment in Walnut top.
Integrated ice bucket in Walnut island counter.
T  E  X  T  U  R  E  S
salvaged douglas fir, salvaged lumber wormy butternut countertop barnboard walnut, hand-planed walnut curly maple island countertop
Hand-planed and
distressed Black Walnut / Barn Board Effect.
200 year old Old Growth Douglas Fir
New Hampshire Curly Maple / Watershed.
Salvaged Vermont
Wormy Butternut with knots and mineral streaks.
bread ends, butternut walnut tabletop

KNOTTY WALNUT wood counters:
familiar warmth and comfort.

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