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Our Corduroy Walnut Countertops are named after the crude roads constructed of
logs laid side by side; a technique that dates back to the days of the Romans.
Why Choose Raging River?
  1. We "invented" the category of Waterproof Wood Countertops.
  2. We have 20 years of experience building wood countertops
  3. Come to our factory and choose your own boards.
  4. We do Custom Details routinely: Custom Colors, Custom Edges,
      Custom Cutouts, Wood-Stone Integration, etc.
  5. We are a trend-setter for new countertop products:   
      Integrated Wood Sinks, Corduroyed Walnut, Driftwood Finishes.
  6. We are centrally located to Boston, New York, Providence, 
      Hartford, and Springfield.
corduroy walnut bartop
Corduroy Walnut
Corduroy Walnut
(Waterlox Finish) 
Corduroy Walnut is a "variegated" walnut butcherblock produced from Walnut sapwood boards.  Normally these boards would have little use in our countertops as most people want Walnut for (only) the rich, brown heartwood. 
An artistic arrangement of boards creates a lively "zebra-stripe" effect from material that what would otherwise be waste.  A true green product!   
Corduroy Walnut starts at 1 thick (like standard butcherblock) with a #1 Pencil Edge profile - although other simple profiles are also available.
Corduroy Walnut is priced in the Maple, Oak, Butternut, Cherry, Mahogany, and Knotty Walnut price group and is available in all of our standard finishes: Century Oiled, Waterlox, Furniture, and Watershed.  You can darken
the look in the Furniture and Watershed Finishes as we also offer our standard Walnut finish colors beyond  Natural Walnut.
The photo at LEFT shows a back bar top 1-3/4" thick with cutouts for under-mount sink and ice bucket.
The Waterlox Finish
adds depth and brings
out the striking beauty
of the construction.
The photo at RIGHT
shows a Corduroy
Walnut Island Top
with a Century Oil
Remnants of a Revolutionary War-era corduroy road in Fairfield, CT. 
corduroy walnut island corduroy walnut

CORDUROY WALNUT wood counters:
exotic look / domestic species

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