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We introduced our unique integrated Wood Sinks several years ago. 
Clearly, just the idea of a wood sink may well scare a lot of people but we can say that for the brave souls who have "taken the plunge" the product does stand up.  To calm your fears we include a 5-year warranty.
Why Choose Raging River?
  1. We "invented" the category of Waterproof Wood Countertops.
  2. We have 20 years of experience building wood countertops
  3. Come to our factory and choose your own boards.
  4. We do Custom Details routinely: Custom Colors, Custom Edges,
      Custom Cutouts, Wood-Stone Integration, etc.
  5. We are a trend-setter for new countertop products:   
      Integrated Wood Sinks, Corduroyed Walnut, Driftwood Finishes.
  6. We are centrally located to Boston, New York, Providence, 
      Hartford, and Springfield.
SoftAngle      *$848
SASWD        (12.5" x 10")
SALWD        (16" x 13.5")
Round            *$848
RDSWD       (12"diameter)
RDLWD    15.5" diameter)
Standard Offering:
  1. (7) Species:
             Butternut, Cherry
             and Teak.
  2. (26) Finishes / sinks will
             match specified
             counter finish.
  3. 2” Diameter drain
  4. 5-Year Warranty.
  5. All sinks are 4 1/2" deep.
  6. Custom sink inquiries are  
Bean              *$848
BNSWD          (18" x 11.5")
BNLWD          (21.5" x 15")
*All prices
Food Prep      o      Wet Bar
      Bathroom Vanity    
*Sinks are sold only as installed in RRC Watershed tops.
Construction / Finish:  Integrated Wood Sinks are constructed in laminations of solid wood glued together with waterproof epoxy.  The fabricated sink is then attached with the same epoxy to the countertop, machined flush to the surface, and sealed inside and
out with our unique Watershed Finish.
Care and Use:  RRC Integrated wood sinks are designed for normal use.  While certainly waterproof, these sinks are not the proverbial ‘kitchen sink’ or meant
for major cleanup operations.  Treat them well and they will last for decades!
    o  Clean the sink at any time with dish
        soap and water.
    o  Clean the sink (if you wish) periodically 
        with a chloride disinfectant (such as
        Clorox spray), and wash the sink down
        with water afterward.
    o  Avoid abrasive cleaning agents or
        cleaning materials (Brillo, SOS Pad,
        etc.) and avoid washing sharp or heavy
        implements in the sink that might 
        damage the finish with repeated impact.
The Warranty:  Integrated Wood Sinks carry a 5-Year Warranty against manufacturing and finishing defects. 
Sinks that are subjected to unreasonable abuse will be
exempted from this warranty.

WOOD SINKS in wood counters:
a seamless integration.

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