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RECLAIMED LUMBER wood counters:
capturing history and provenance.

Norwich, CT Train Station
18th Century Douglas Fir
Reclaimed Chestnut from resawn beams makes this 108" x 52" x 1-1/4" thick Island Countertop.

We have enough lumber for (2) tops at 1-1/4"
(dimensions above) or (1) top at 108" x 48" x 2-1/2" thick.

The lumber has nail holes, character knots, and a rich patina shown at left unfinished.

The recently renovated Norwich, CT Train Station built in 1899 (postcard at right) has brought us some Old Growth Douglas Fir floor joists 12'+ long x 2-1/2" to 2-3/4" thick.

The lumber has nail holes, cracks, some charring (from a fire), and plenty of character.
The boards show more than 100 growth rings which means that the trees that they came from were living in the 18th century.

The photos below show finished countertops.


Brooklyn Naval Yard
Old Growth Yellow Pine
From the early 1800's right through the end
of World War II, the Brooklyn Navy Yard produced some of the United States most famous warships.

We have a limited quantity of 5" x 5" (heart-cut) Old Growth Yellow Pine beams from the facility that we are cutting into sections and gluing up as an endgrain countertop.

To further highlight the grain we are using an Ancient Japanese charring technique called Shu Sugi Ban, followed by a wire-brush treatment to create a raised grain effect as seen in the picture at left.

The charring provides a rich, "blackened" brown tone with hints of the natural wood color coming through. Quite unique!


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Reclaimed Chestnut Island Blank
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